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Solaris' primary mission is to provide low manufacturing cost, high efficiency and long life solar cells to capture a major portion of the projected growth of the global renewable energy market. Equity financing and Company resources are used exclusively towards this goal. However, since Solaris' NanoAntennaTM materials present a number of other large market opportunities which are validated in part by the development of high efficiency photovoltaics, we have begun to pursue these other applications through externally funded collaborations, contracts, and agreements. These other applications of our nano-antenna technology and intellectual property include the enhancement of human vision, high performance liquid crystal displays, and chemical and biological sensing.

Solaris Nanosciences is a subsidiary of Spectra Systems Corporation (www.spsy.com), a profitable, private company spun out of Brown University in 1996. Spectra Systems' core competence in high performance optical materials, intellectual property and physical infrastructure led to the launch of Solaris Nanosciences in May of 2004.

Our broad technology platform addresses the following opportunities:

Solaris Nanosciences is headquartered in downtown Providence, Rhode Island with research and development facilities in East Providence, Rhode Island.