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08/30/2005Solaris Nanosciences Demonstrates the World's First Rechargeable Long-Life Solar Cell
06/07/2005Konarka and Solaris Nanosciences Establish Joint Research Program
05/18/2005Solaris Nanosciences Receives Funding from World Gold Council for Enhanced Liquid Crystal Displays
05/10/2005Providence Business News Reports Slater Center Funding for Solaris Nanosciences
05/06/2005Solaris Nanosciences Targets $3.5M For First Institutional Round
05/03/2005Solaris Nanosciences Secures Financing from Rhode Island's Slater Technology Fund
12/03/2004Wall Street Reporter Interviews Dr. Nabil M. Lawandy, CEO of Solaris Nanosciences
12/02/2004Solaris Nanosciences Publishes New Regime of Nanoparticle Response
11/11/2004Inventor of the Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Joins Solaris Nanoscience’s Science Advisory Board
11/02/2004Solaris Nanosciences Announces Creation of World-Class Science Advisory Board
10/29/2004Dr. Nabil Lawandy Appears on VentureTalkTM Radio Winning Highest Rating in Venture Competition
10/19/2004Solaris Nanosciences Selected to Participate at National Renewable Energy Laboratory Growth Forum
9/15/2004Solaris NanoSciences Corporation debuts SolarisNano.com.