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The recent success in demonstrating nearly an order of magnitude increase in the absorption of light by solar cell dyes in proximity to nano-antennas suggests that photo-biological processes such as vision and photosynthesis could also be enhanced. Solaris has developed intellectual property around this concept, specifically on the use of biologically inert gold nanostructures. Gold is well suited for the enhancement of visual acuity as its response is in the center of the visible spectrum and a significant body of work on attaching it to antibodies, proteins, and other biological macromolecules already exists.

Solaris biologically functionalized gold and silver nanospheres for vision enhancement.

Solaris Nanosciences is actively seeking external collaborations to develop biologically active metallic nanostructures which can selectively bind within nanometers of healthy photoreceptors to dramatically enhance their light harvesting capability. By increasing the sensitivity of photoreceptors, we hope to improve visual acuity for those people affected by retinal diseases such as Age-related Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy, which, together, affect over 36 million people globally.